As we begin the project of building our own theatre we draw from our existing wealth which consists of:

Extensive experience
We have completed two large investment projects thanks to which two vocational activity centres ( and and an Occupational Therapy Workshop „Jesteś potrzebny!” ( were created, and the association acquired some office and operational space.
We have been working non-stop for fifteen years for the benefit of the amateur theatre movement – we conduct a theatre workshop programme for people in need of support, we have published several books and videos for theatre instructors, and we run an amateur theatre website

Social trust
We are a public benefit organization, and we cooperate with social institutions across the whole country as well as local government units in our region. We function as an advisory and training centre, and our experience and achievements help a number of professionals in the field of education: instructors, teachers, therapists, artists, and NGO staff.

What will our theatre be like?

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What must be done?

1. Evaluation of technical condition of the object to be repurposed as a theatre – expertise of the object, evaluation of possible use of existing walls and floors.


2. Creating full project documentation including:

  • architectural project
  • construction project
  • electrical installation project
  • sanitary fittings project (central heating, water and sewage system, and energy balance)
  • fire-fighting controls
  • conservation controls
  • project visualisation
  • building cost estimate


3. Cleaning the property to prepare it for construction works: clearing the building, removing debris and rubble, removing a layer of soil from the floor, securing the outer perimeter, investor's supervision.

Cost: 11 300 EUR

4. Construction works at the closed-in stage (no doors and windows), especially:

  • Infrastructure connections for the duration of construction works
  • Excavating and excavation protection (wet soil) Soil removal. Drainage works and connecting the property to the storm water drainage system.
  • Rebuilding and strengthening of existing foundations
  • Roofing and thermal isolation (gable deconstruction, tie beam laying, underpinning and roof construction).

Cost: 48 800 EUR

5. Finishing works leading to the opening of the building:

  • Infrastructure connections outside the building: energy, lightning protection, surge suppression, water, sewage, internet, telecommunications, and heating from the existing and modified boiler room in the neighbouring building
  • Window and door installation.
  • Utilities distribution inside the building: electrical installation, indoor plumbing, sewerage, heating, telecommunications, ventilation, fire prevention system, and sanitary equipment.
  • Partition walls
  • Interior decorations, wall facings: cement-lime plaster, structural plaster, laminate facings, ceramic facings, ceramic floors, sport floors, and industrial floors.
  • Land development: levelling, hardening, paving, constructing a parking lot, moving a fence, lighting of the area, lighting of the building, laying lawns, and water runoff from the planned parking lot. Area marking and landscape architecture: benches, trash bins, street lights.
  • Elevation, insulation, and thermal efficiency improvement of the building

Cost: 207 500 EUR

Fitting the theatre with necessary stage equipment, sound system, audience seats, and wardrobe equipment.

Cost: 76 300 EUR

Opening of the Local Community Theatre – implementation of the artistic-educational programme to integrate the community using experiences of the GRODZKI THEATRE which has been active in this area for 15 years.

  • regular classes and performances by several theatrical groups that cooperate with the association, open for the local community
  • conducting training courses, workshops and activities that integrate disabled people with the environment
  • voluntary service
  • events, and meetings of the local community

The theatre will be funded as part of current projects and from the business activity. The activities will involve about 500 people per month.

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