By building our local community theatre we are also building a coalition of people who see the need for developing and strengthening amateur theatre activities. Their involvement in the project confirms that we have chosen the right direction and that we are not alone in striving to create a new centre of theatrical arts in Bielsko-Biała.

We are aware that without the help and involvement of many people who support this daring initiative we will not be able to build a Theatre of Our Dreams. By creating the COALITION FOR THEATRE we invoke the great tradition of our city. At the end of the 19th century the Theatre Building Committee appealed to the residents of Bielsko, Biała, and Lipnik to participate in a voluntary money collection for that purpose. The collection was successful, and the building of the Polish Theatre in Bielsko is to this day the city's pride and an important point on its cultural map.


The first person to give us support was PRZEMYSŁAW BABIARZ, a recognised and valued sports reporter and commentator, but also a trained actor – a man of THEATRE.

Przemysław Babiarz


We are also pleased to share that ANNA GUZIK – a famous actor from Bielsko-Biała – has supported our initiative of building the LOCAL COMMUNITY THEATRE in Bielsko-Biała. We are very grateful for her words of encouragement:

Theatre is an extraordinary place. It's a meeting place for people sensitive to other people. Grodzki Theatre proves that theatre may not only be sensitise but also cure and support one's battle against addiction, and restore the joy of being alive. That's why I support the initiative of revitalising the building on Sempołowska Street with all my heart!

anna guzik

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